The history of the Christmas package

The Netherlands has known the tradition of the Christmas package for nearly 200 years. Originated from the habit of people who came along the door with the farmer and his family to wish them a Merry Christmas, to offer food and drinks. The servants and the girls also received, for example, hot chocolate or bread, baked with raisins and almond paste. That made Christmas together extra festive and was also seen as a token of appreciation for the work done. From this use the tradition has developed, as we know it today: employers and organization give their employees a gift package to make the Christmas party extra festive for the whole family.

Still in the form of food and drink, but more and more presents and sustainable articles are added. For many years external companies, the so-called “compilers of Christmas packages” have put together the package for many companies. At the Dutch Christmas Parcel Fair, these compilers will be inspired by the participating food and non-food suppliers to select and assemble their collections for the coming Christmas season. The fact that the sector is booming is shown by the fact that approximately 5 million Christmas packages are expected to be issued next Christmas. Fairexpo organizes in 2019 for the 24th time the Dutch Christmas parcel fair in Expo Houten.